We use ParentMail to keep you informed of things that are happening in school, send our newsletters to you or - in the rare occasions, let you know if we have had to close the schoolunexpectedly.
This helps you to receive information in a more reliable and efficient manner and cuts down on the amount of paper and leaflets given out.
ParentMail is a system used by many schools around the country, registered with the Data protection Registrar and guarantees that all information supplied will be kept completely private. There is also NO advertising associated with the scheme.
The ParentMail system allows parents to be in control of their own account and any changes to information.
Messages can be sent directly to mums, dads and other carers at the same time.
During our admissions process, we provide a form for parents/careers to sign up to the service. We encourage parents/careers to do this and verify their account so that we can start sending out information as soon as their child starts nursery.

Using ParentMail

The quickest way to use this is through the ParentMail App on your smartphone. Please download the app from your App store and install this to ensure you get immediate notifications when we do send something through to you - continuing to save the school money.

Simply search 'ParentMail' and it's easily found!

When you update any of your details, mobile phone number or e-mail address, you will need to amend this on your account. We can make amendments but they will always need confirming by yourselves before they are saved otherwise they will revert back to the old contact details and you could miss some information.