Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Caverstede Nursery School


Children who are at Caverstede for a full day will have their packed lunch as part of their session. Eating together is a fantastic opportunity to develop language and social skills. The children sit with friends and a familiar adult from the school in their classroom to eat their packed lunches which you provide. They are encouraged to develop table manners and hold conversations.


We would like to offer the following guidelines to help you provide a healthier packed lunch;

  • We don't have anywhere to keep lunches cool so please do not put in food that may go off
  • We cannot heat up food brought from home. However, you may wish to send in some pasta or rice in a small Thermos flask which does keep food warm.
  • We provide water for all our children but you may wish to provide a drinks bottle. We encourage the children to drink lots of water to help them concentrate and feel well.
  • Cut small round fruits like grapes, cherries, berries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes, into small pieces: cut lengthways and then again cut them in halves (quarters).
  • Grate or cut cheese into short strips. Cut lumps of cheese as narrow as possible
  • Do not include popcorn or marshmallows.
  • Limit snacks such as crisps, chocolate and biscuits which tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt.
  • Please avoid anything with nuts. Some children can have a severe reaction to nuts. Caverstede is a Nut Free School - which included includes:

    *         We request parent/carers not to send children with any food containing nuts.

    *         No chocolate spread or nut spread to be provided by parent/carers. 

    *         If staff believe a child has been provided with a product that contains nuts, this will not be served, but an alternative may be provided.

  • Please see the leaflet below with some ideas on what to provide in your child's lunch box.
  • Please ensure your lunch box and bottle (if provided) have your child's name on them.

If your child is attending a morning 3 hour session we offer an opportunity for you to pay for your child to eat their packed lunch after their morning session if this is required. This would be from 12.00 - 12.30.