Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Caverstede Nursery School

Values and Ethos

Our vision is to be an outstanding Nursery School. Our mission is to meet the needs of all our children and families through high quality inclusive provision.

 We value people

  • Children and families will always be first in everything we do.
  • Enthusiastic and caring staff will build good relationship with families.
  • We will celebrate each child’s uniqueness.
  • All staff will feel valued and play an active part in the School.
  • All children and families are welcomed and equally valued.
  • All staff will treat each other equally and respectfully

 We value learning

  • We will give children and adults opportunities to learn through positive relationships, a rich indoor and outdoor learning space and planned and spontaneous learning experiences.
  • All children will be able to develop their strengths and follow their interests.
  • We value and listen to the child’s voice to support and enhance their learning.
  • A friendly, relaxed and secure environment for all will support children to achieve excellent outcomes.
  • We acknowledge that learning starts at home. All families will be supported and involved in their children’s learning through an individual approach.
  • All staff will seek out opportunities to make themselves valuable multi-skilled professionals.


We value positive behaviour

  • The School will have an ethos which emphasises role modelling of positive behaviour for everyone involved, including zero tolerance to bullying and harassment.
  • Discrimination will be reduced by modelling positive attitudes to diversity and actively challenging stereotypes and prejudices especially with regard to the protected characteristics
  • We expect all members of the Caverstede community to act with courtesy, respect and good manners.
  • Children will be supported to have a “can do” attitude.
  • Adults will encourage children to have high self-esteem, self-belief and high aspirations.
  • Adults will encourage and praise children’s achievements to promote positive well-being.


We value health

  • Promoting the importance of healthy living including physical, mental, social and emotional health for all children, families, staff and adults and its impact on future life and learning.
  • Adults will be sensitive to children’s involvement and wellbeing; creating a happy, comfortable environment.


We value leadership

  • The School will be well governed, managed and led, having excellent relationships with other partner agencies and professionals.
  • Strong Early Years principles and practice will support individuals to thrive and achieve.
  • The leadership culture will enable all children, parents and staff to realise their aspirations.
  • All staff will generate ideas, solutions, responses and findings in their learning and leadership to move the School forward.
  • Our ethos of equal collaboration and shared, open and honest communication will be created and supported by all individuals.


We value our community

  • By endeavouring to break down barriers, families will have a sense of belonging to our community.
  • We will create opportunities to engage with the wider and local community.
  • We will encourage children, families and staff to participate in community activities to create a sense of pride in Peterborough.
  • We will create opportunities to increase global and cultural understanding.

We value our environment

  • We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint by being eco-friendly, using resources wisely and recycling where we can.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to be environmentally aware and respect and value the world around us.
  • The natural environment will be used to shape ideas, support learning and develop positive behaviours and attitudes to sustainable living.

We value the future

  • Continuous self improvement will be driven by sharing our best ideas, innovative practice and research with each other and the wider Early Years community.
  • We will provide excellent practice to ensure sustainability in the future.
  • Children and parents will be empowered to raise achievement and aspirations in preparation for the future.