Nursery Sessions

At Caverstede children benefit and learn from daily routines which families can encourage and support.

Arrival and Greetings:

Before the start of the nursery session there are opportunities to share stories in the library area.

Every child has their own named peg within their classroom, where they can hang their coat and spare clothes. This encourages children’s independence and ownership.

Children self-register by collecting their name card and taking it to their key person area.

Children and their families are then greeted by their key person. This is an opportunity for parents and staff to exchange information concerning the child. Children all have a pigeon hole for messages to be sent home. We ask you to please check these on a daily basis.

Learning Through Play:

After being greeted by the key person children are encouraged to choose where to play inside their classroom. When all the children have arrived they can play indoors or outdoors - it is their choice.

During the session the children do lots of exploring and learning. The adults play with the children and observe what they can do, and what they are interested in. Staff then use this information to plan exciting focused activities i.e. stories, arts and crafts, music, gardening, woodwork.

Sometimes your child may have paintings or artwork they wish to bring home but not always. We very much value the process of learning and exploring and not the end product, so there is not always a beautiful creation! The Learning Journals [formerly Record of Achievement, ROA], observations and displays celebrate this learning through play and help to make the learning visible.


Snack is freely available to all children. We rotate the snack menu weekly but a small example of what is available is

  • rice cakes
  •  banana loaf
  •  crackers & cheese spread
  •  cucumber, apple and pear

Milk, water and fruit is always available.

To find out what your child is trying and eating, please speak to your key person.

Tidy up Time:

Towards the end of the session children help to tidy up indoors and outdoors. Tidy up time provides lots of learning opportunities, working together and learning to respect and treat property with care.

Key Group Time:

Children come together within their key groups to talk about what they have been learning, sing songs, share stories and reflect on their interests within the group.

Going Home:

Children are collected from their key person, This is another opportunity to have an informal discussion about your child’s learning and interests. You are welcome to use this time to have a look through their learning journal and add your comments.

The session times are 9.00am – 12.00pm and 12.30pm – 3.30pm.

Extended Provision is available from 8 – 9am and 3.30 – 4.00pm.

If you are accessing nursery sessions through the 30 hour childcare provision, times will be 9am - 3pm.