Welcome to Ladybird class!  We generally have the younger children in Ladybirds, and have spent time setting up the room for this age group.  The shelving is lower than in other rooms, allowing easy access to resources.  We also have a sleep/quiet area for those children who wish to take some time away from the busy nursery day for a nap or rest.  Some of our younger children can find the outdoor area quite big to begin with, so we have a sand tray in the classroom, for those who wish to stay inside – sand play can be a very calming activity for children.  In addition, our classroom has direct access to the Woodland Garden.  There is a small sheltered area, which we often have open to the children at the beginning of the year, so they can still access the outdoors, just in a smaller space and with less children.

As with all the classrooms, we have divided up the areas using shelving, so children have direct and easy access to the resources available to support their independent play.  We tend to have many resources that stay the same, so that children can return to their activities over a period of days, and revisit their favourite activities.  However, we also add resources that may be of interest to the children, such as a doctors kit in the home corner.

All children have their own coat peg and pigeon holes.  Upon arrival in the morning, we encourage children to find their peg and put all their belongings away.  The pigeon holes can be checked by parents at the beginning or end of a session, for letters or leaflets.   

Who is in the Ladybird Team?
Hannah - Class Teacher
Helen - Classroom Deputy / Classroom Senco
Afrida - Early Years Assistant
Amy - Early Years Assistant 
Sarah - Early Years Assistant
Fiona - Early Years Assistant
Debby - Early Years Assistant
Gemma - Early Years Assistant
May 2022

This term our core story has been the Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and learning about bugs. We have made a giant painted caterpillar and made caterpillar posting tubes to use for various activities. We have also begun to explore new fruits such as plums at snack time which has caused lots of lovely talk around the words of sweet, sour and juicy!

For Art week the children enjoyed creating textures in different shades of green paint and it was lovely to see them excited to see Ellie our artist from her previous visit! They also had a go at printing and enjoyed using the rollers and ink. We also explored mosaic patterns using doilies and did observational drawings on woodland day. We have quite a set of young artists in our class!

The Ladybird children enjoyed Eco week and listening to stories about how to look after the world around us. They were very interested in junk modelling and making new items out of old.

Currently the children are getting excited about our Jubilee celebrations next week. We are reading stories about the queen and the children have enjoyed doing drawings of her. We have also set up a street party role play corner and the children are having fun serving afternoon tea and dressing up. The children have been practising their dance moves ready for the party!

We are looking forward to using the water feature and having some sprinkler play in our garden in the coming weeks, so please don’t forget to bring in named sunhats, spare clothes and sunscreen for hopefully some sunny weather!

Finally, a big thank you to all our parents who are sharing what their children have been doing via Tapestry. It is lovely to see what they get up to outside of nursery and the children have enjoyed talking about their photos with their key person. If you are having problems accessing Tapestry then please speak to a member of the Ladybird Team.


March 2022
In Ladybirds, our core story continues to be ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’. The children are enjoying learning about baby animals and role-playing farms. In the garden, we have continued to make our own assault courses and challenged a wide range of physical skills. For Science week the children enjoyed exploring the properties of mud and water, which resulted in a lot of sticky laughter! During this half term we have celebrated Mothers Day, for which the children made some cards with beautiful observational paintings of flowers. They enjoyed using the finger paints and getting messy! They have also been learning about Easter, exploring objects and books linked to it. We have also had a visit from the Easter Bunny and had a cinema experience where we watched Easter films. The children have also enjoyed our weekly visits from woodland Julie. They have been exploring the Woodland Garden, planting bulbs and decorating Easter eggs with natural objects found. They have also begun to learn how to use the mud kitchen and its equipment. A big thank you to all parents for providing wellies and appropriate clothing every Tuesday. Watch out for information about our new woodland day next term. Finally Ladybird staff would like to wish all our children and families a restful Easter and we will see you all after the holidays when our new core story will be “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
February 2022

This half term in Ladybirds our core story is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. The children are really engaging with the story and are beginning to retell it independently. We have been supporting this through physical activities such as a Bear Hunt assault course, creative activities such as Swishy swishy grass painting and bear masks, and imaginative activities such as a bear hunt small world tray. Once again, this half term we are promoting independence by encouraging the children to try and put on their own coats and pulling on their wellies or shoes. Thank you to the parents supporting us by doing this at home, as it is really supporting the children's confidence in this area. This term our Woodland Day is going to be Tuesday and Woodland Julie has been visiting our class to get to know the children. They have enjoyed exploring the Woodland garden in small groups and making cheerio bird feeders for bird watching week.

Finally, the Ladybird team would like to thank our parents for continuing to support us throughout the year, we really appreciate it.


December 2021

Our core story is now “The Wheels on the Bus” with our supporting story of “The Whales on the Bus” running alongside. The children are really enjoying role playing going on a bus and singing the song as we do this. We have also themed our activities around these stories both indoors and out, with the children using the small world bus to make up stories and sing songs. If you go on any bus journeys maybe you would like to share some photos with us via Tapestry to share with the children to encourage lots of lovely talk. Over the coming weeks we shall also be learning about Christmas. We have lots of stories about the festive season and we shall have our advent calendar each day with a small surprise for each child! The children have really enjoyed putting up and decorating our tree and classroom this week. Finally we would like to wish all our families a happy and restful festive season, and a big thank you for your ongoing support.


Autumn Term 2021

A warm welcome to all of our new families and a happy welcome back to our returning families. Thank you for all of your support during the settling in period.

The children are settling in really well and are enjoying exploring all that our classroom has to offer.

Our core story over the coming weeks is one of our favourite stories in the Ladybird room, ‘Dear Zoo’. We shall be sharing the book with the children and theming all of our learning around it. Through the story, we shall explore animals, counting, size, sounds and textiles. We shall be providing lots of hands on learning experiences. This half term, we will also be learning the routines of our nursery day and supporting the children in their learning of this. We shall be promoting independence by encouraging the children to have a try at taking off and putting on their coats by themselves, supported by staff. If you could practice this skill at home, by encouraging them to put their arms in the sleeves (don’t worry about the tricky zips and buttons yet!) then that would be lovely.

It has been lovely to meet you all and if you have any questions or worries then please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Ladybird Team.


May 2021

This half term our new core story is “Chuffa chuffa choo choo” by Emma Garcia, a story all about a train journey. This story will allow us to explore the world around us as social distancing measures are starting to be relaxed and children start to experience more places and environments. If you have any photos of trips that you make please could you share them with us on Tapestry so that we can discuss them in class.

This half term we shall continue to support the children in their growing independence. Thank you to all of the parents who have been practising putting coats on at home. The children are always very proud to show us their accomplishments! We shall also continue to use our brand new climbing equipment to develop the children’s gross motor skills and support them around using new equipment safely.

As a team we would like to thank all of our parents for your continued support at change over times and thank you for your patience at these times. Thank you for keeping us all safe!


February 2021

Our current core story is “Who’s in the Shed”? and this will continue after half term. The children are really enjoying the repeated language in the story and are joining in with them at key group times. We are encouraging a lot of talk and questioning around animals and we are learning lots of new facts!

With the weather currently wintery we are also exploring the cold and snow. We have been freezing water for the children to explore and we have been using a lot of descriptive words around the weather during play. Can I please ask parents to make sure children have lots of layers, as well as a hat, scarf and gloves, to keep them warm as we go out in all weathers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Ladybird parents for their continued support in these difficult times. Thank you for sharing all of your home learning with us. We love to talk about what you have been doing outside of the nursery with the children and your observations and lovely comments keep us smiling! Watch out for half term Tapestry activities for you to use as you would like.

We hope you have a restful holiday


December 2020

The children have settled well into our daily routines now and we would like to thank all our parents for their help, support and understanding over the last few months as the children have started nursery.

Our Core Story is now “The Snowman” which is a wonderful picture book by Raymond Briggs. This story allows us to explore the themes of Winter, Friendship and Emotions with the children. It also offers the opportunity to learn new words which is very important at this age as it will help them to be confident in reading and writing later. We shall also read a variety of other stories and rhymes along the theme of snow and learn about the weather at this time of year.


October 2020

The whole team would like to welcome all of our new and returning children and parents. The children have settled in well and are beginning to build bonds with the adults in the class. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our parents for being very understanding and brave with our new settling in process. Your support has really helped the children to settle in quickly. Key workers have been decided and you will receive a slip about this in the coming week.

Our focus this half term is around stories about starting nursery. We will be reading a variety of them during the session and talking with the children about starting a new nursery. Look out for staff reading them on Tapestry to share with your child at home. Through these stories we will discuss feelings and emotions. We will also talk about the routines of the day and get children familiar with these.

We shall also be focusing on the weather and autumn this half term, looking at the changes in the season.


September 2020


Please see the video below which shows how the classroom will look when you return to/start at Caverstede. There are changes in place due to COVID-19 and information will have been sent to you through the ParentMail facility. Please take the time to read through this to ensure we all stay safe while at school. Thank you.

Spring Term 2 - 2020

This term will see us explore different celebrations such as Mother’s Day, World book Day, Easter and Pancake day, we have also had a visit from a real author, Ellie Sandall, which was an amazing day!

This half term in Ladybird class we are looking and reading the story ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle. The children are beginning to recognise the animals we find in the story and they are joining in with making the animal noises. We have been finding out about spiders and how they make a web. The children have been singing the songs ‘Old MacDonald’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. We have started making a display about spiders and the children have been printing, drawing as well as weaving a big web. We have been singing lots of number songs and rhymes as well as looking at different patterns and shapes.  

Our Woodland Day this term is Tuesday. The children are getting really confident at putting on a wetsuit and their wellies. The children enjoy playing in the mud kitchen, in the digging pod, looking for spiders and webs, playing with water, using the wheel barrows and playing on the tyre swing and much more!


Spring Term 1 - 2020

This half term in Ladybird class we are looking and reading the story ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ by Julie Lacome. The children are beginning to recognise the animals we find in the story and they are joining in with making the animal noises. We have started learning the song ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ and the children are starting to sing this independently. We will make a jungle in the classroom with different coloured leaves and flowers. We regularly use the story sack that goes with the story to talk about the animals. We have been singing lots of number songs and rhymes as well as looking at different patterns and shapes. We have done some printing and made some tiger stripes.   

Our Woodland Day this term is Tuesday and we are exploring the area. The children are learning about how to put on a wet suit and wellies as it can get very muddy and wet.  The children will be playing in the mud kitchen, in the digging pod, looking for jungle animals from our story, playing with water, using the wheel barrows and playing on the tyre swing and much more!

Autumn 2019

The children have settled into the nursery routine well and are enjoying getting to know their classroom, teacher, key people and friends.

Woodland days will start later in the term and we have a new pupil, Ivy, on display in the reception who is well wrapped up for enjoying being outside in all weather!

Please remember to check your child’s pigeonholes daily as this is where we put information we need to send out. Whiteboards are also displayed outside each classroom and updated with information on things that are going on within the nursery. We also use ParentMail and Facebook to keep you informed of what’s happening and also have a ‘News’ page on our website -