Buzzy Bees


Welcome to the Buzzy Bee class! The class is made up of mainly 3 and 4 year olds, with some older 2 year olds. Our classroom is the first you come across from the entrance into the nursery garden.  One side of the classroom is full of windows with a perfect view of the nursery garden for the children to look out upon as they play in the classroom. In the Buzzy Bee room we have a cookery area, equipped with child sized resources and outfits.

The position of our classroom means we have the furthest to walk to our Woodland Garden for woodland days – this makes the journey across the main nursery garden feel more like an adventure for the day! Although we might be the furthest from the Woodland Garden we are the closest library, this makes it easy for spontaneous quiet story times.

In the Buzzy Bees we have a window through into the Caverstede room, which gives the children opportunity to look into the variety of groups that happen through family services.

As with all the classrooms we have divided up the areas using shelving, so children have direct and easy access to the resources available to support their independent play.   We tend to have many resources that stay the same, so that children can return to their activities over a period of time and revisit their favourite activities. However, we also add resources that may be of interest to the children, such as wedding outfits, or hairdressing equipment in the home corner.

All children have their own pigeon hole and a designated coat peg. Upon arrival we encourage children to find their peg and put all their belongings away. The pigeon holes can be checked by parents at the beginning or end of a session, for letters or leaflets.

Information for parents can be found in a variety of places including the parents notice board inside the classroom, letters and leaflets in their child’s pigeon hole, and on the whiteboard outside of the classroom door.

Who is in the Buzzybee Team?
Katy - Class Teacher
Caroline - Classroom Deputy / Classroom Senco
Bill - Teaching Assistant
Julie M - Early Years Assistant (Tues - Fri)
Karen - Early Years Assistant
Julie P - Outdoor Practitioner
Wendy - Centre Support Worker
May 2022

The children have embraced our core story of Supertato, enjoying the various superheroes, and the Evil Pea villain.  The children have used props to retell the story, explored lots of pea play, including melting frozen peas, have potatoes in various parts of their play such as in the tactile tray and water tray.

We have enjoyed another super visit from Ellie Sandall, where the children explored different painting techniques to create textures, and used lino printing to create shapes.  All very exciting, and the children all eager to have a go.

For Eid the children enjoyed a celebration snack, listened and danced to music, built mosques from our special Islamic blocks, looked at various artefacts, stories and videos about how people celebrate Ramadan and Eid, and Afrida came to talk to us about how she celebrates Eid with her family, showing us her beautiful Henna patterns on her hands, this prompted some of the children in the class to talk about their own Eid celebrations too.

During our Eco week we have had a big focus on recycling, reusing and reducing our waste,  the children are much more conscious to use both sides of the paper- in fact they pointed this out to Ellie Sandall that she wasn’t using both sides of the paper!

We are promoting lots of activities ready for their journey onto school in September, including recognising their names, making purposeful marks, in some cases writing their names, promoting independence skills such as dressing and undressing themselves- especially their coats, shoes and socks. 

We are looking forward to using the sandpit and water feature very soon in the coming weeks, so please don’t forget to bring in named sunhats, spare clothes and sunscreen for hopefully some sunny weather!


March 2022
The Buzzy Bees have had a great term exploring lots of different experiences related to our core story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Experiences have included creating beanstalks using different media- wood or paper, creating their own giants on large paper, growing beans- which you may see growing on the classroom window! We’ve read various versions of the story, comparing and contrasting the way the story is told. The children embraced our visit from Ellie Sandall during World Book week, and have talked about it a lot afterwards, recalling the story Balancing Bernie, and relating it to the visit from Bertie the dog a few days later where we tried to balance some of his soft toys too! ‘Peter Burrow’s’ visit from Peterborough United Football team was highly exciting, and the children embraced the opportunity to interact with him, dance with him and generally enjoyed being part of a whole school event. Thank you to all the families who joined in with the World book day event by sending in favourite books, or dressing up, and ‘Peter Burrow’ certainly noticed those dressed up in their football kits too! For Easter the children have taken part in many experiences including talking about why people celebrate Easter, lots of arts and crafts and a visit from the Easter Bunny which led to an Easter Egg hunt. We also had a ‘Caverstede Cinema experience’ where the children ‘paid’ for a ticket to visit the Caverstede cinema. The staff replicate a cinema experience as close as possible in our Caverstede room, with the lights off, and viewing “The Gruffalo’s child” on a big screen. The children had a snack of crisps from a cone and drank their drink whilst watching the film. Next half term we will be focusing on the book Supertato by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra.
February 2022

This half term we are reading many versions of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The story really has embraced the children’s imagination, and we have lots of role play happening both in the classroom and the nursery garden.  Children are using props to retell the story, either by themselves, or within a group. The children have been distinguishing their voice for the different characters as they re enact the story, showing a good awareness of expression, and the different characters.  We have looked at all different types of Trolls and Ogres, discussing whether they are friendly or not, looking at different and similar features of the various trolls we have found from stories, tv and film. 

We will be taking part in bird watching week, with lots of activities around making binoculars, looking after the birds in our gardens, and identifying the birds we see fly over and around Caverstede.  We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year, with a wide variety of activities and experiences, from noodle bar in the garden, to creating a large 3D Dragon.  We will be reading and listening to the story of the how each year was named after an animal.  Our Woodland day is now on a Thursday and the children have been having a wonderful time,  digging for worms, and much more. 


December 2021

The focus on pets, has been a real success, and the children have been learning about how to handle and care for pets and have been role playing being pets, vets, nurses and receptionists. We have watched some shows on looking after animals, looked at lots of different books, both story and factual. The children have discussed their own pets or animals that they know through family and friends. 

We have been having a wonderful time in the Woodland garden. We have had snack around the fire, creating Damper bread which the children toasted over the fire, or heated water in the Kelly kettle for our hot chocolate.  The children have been using a range of tools including hammers, bow and hack saws to create varied crafts, from models to jewellery. Popular in the woodland garden has been the digging pod, where the children are using spades to dig, and in wet weather have been getting stuck in the mud, and find ways of helping each other out without loosing their wellies!! Keeping with the mucky and messy theme many children enjoy the Mud kitchen where they have been creating everything from mud pizzas, mud Christmas puddings, and mud milkshakes.

In the classroom we have been doing lots of pre-writing activities, to help strengthen the children’s hands and arm muscles ready for writing. This is everything from obstacles courses in the garden that encourage them to crawl, or hang from the balloon swing, to using a wide variety of tools in the playdough, or manipulating clay and playdough using their hands. We provide lots of different surfaces, small, large, on the floor, table, wall, rough, smooth, permanent or non-permanent for them to practice their marks on. This could be using paintbrushes with water outside, large chalks on the floor, or using old wallpaper to make marks on. We have noticed that using the whiteboards (big and small) seems to be a very popular surface to use too.

We are excited for Christmas, and have begun singing our Christmas songs and rhymes. The children have decorated the tree in the classroom beautifully, and have begun to make their own decorations for the class or take home. Over the coming weeks the children will have opportunities to write cards, wrap presents, make decorations and be involved in lots of Christmas activities, and of course hear the story of the Nativity.


Autumn Term 2021

The children have settled so well into the Buzzy Bee’s this term. They have quickly become used to the routines of the day and are confident in accessing the resources independently.

We are currently reading the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ which the children are embracing, accessing the books independently as well as engaging in role play in our home corner and creating playdough bears. They’ve tasted porridge for snack, enjoyed small world play with bears and tactile play.

We have been looking at different types of bears, where they live, what they eat as well as linking with other books and stories linked to bears.

We are beginning to look at the changing seasons. Autumn provides us with lots of wonderful opportunities to learn about changes and the natural world. We will use conkers, fallen leaves/seeds etc to do a wide variety of activities, from crafts to counting, measuring and developing their physical skills.

We will also soon be starting to visit our woodland garden once a week where the children will be able to experience gardening, fire building, den building, bug hunting and much more. Benefits of our woodland days include; confidence, social skills, communication, concentration, physical skills, knowledge and understanding, new perspectives.

We ask that with the changing weather, you send clothing appropriate for the weather, e.g. sunhats and wellies.



May 2021

Our theme of minibeasts has really been capturing the children’s imaginations. The children have learnt all sorts about different insects and bugs, for example snails have one foot, insects have 6 legs, and spiders have 8! We have learnt about habitats, lifecycles, and looking after our environment and the benefits of having bugs/insects.  The children absolutely loved watching up close and even holding some of the different insects. We made a snailery, which fascinated the children, as have the caterpillars! The children have been eager to come in and find out how much the caterpillars have grown each day, and what stage they were at. Each morning we have been asked “How big are the caterpillars now? Are they cocoons yet? When will they be butterflies?”

We have read a variety of stories linked to each bug/insect, including: Snail and the Whale, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aargh Spider, Superworm.  Alongside these stories we have looked at many other stories and factual books which we have learnt all sorts of amazing facts - did you know a group of ladybirds is called a ‘Loveliness of Ladybirds’! The children have embraced a wide range of tactile experiences linked with the minibeasts, as well as a wide variety of art, role play, mathematical, drawing and writing activities linked with the various mini-beasts. 

The children were also fascinated with the tadpoles that we had from Emily’s pond. They spent a long time looking closely at the tadpoles, hoping each day they would have grown legs, so we have had to talk about how long this process can take. We used various books to look at the different stages from frogspawn to frogs.

We also had Ellie Sandall come to join us for a session on her book ‘Every Bunny dance” which the children thoroughly enjoyed. This was a session, where she read the book, engaged them with physical activities, created a bunny band and all the children made their own bunny ears. The children have a real passion for books, and were highly excited a real-life author was coming to visit, so prior to her arrival, they created their own books/stories and shared them with her, telling Ellie “I’m an Author too!”

We have also celebrated Caverstede's 75th Birthday with a party snack in the garden and lots of party music and games! 

We look forward to their final half term with us before moving on to their new schools, we shall be starting to look at the transition to school with them as the term moves on.


February 2021

Its been a busy term in the Buzzy Bees.  We have been fully involved with bird spotting, setting up a bird hide in the garden where the children have embraced using the binoculars, including making their own to help them spot the various birds in the sky and trees around the nursery.  They have used identifying books and pages to help them spot the different types of birds that visit us locally.  With the height of excitement seeing a Red Kite fly over us.  They have made their own fat balls to feed the birds with, and explored books and sensory play all based around birds.

The core story this half term has been ‘The Gruffalo’. We have embraced many types of Gruffalo snacks, and with one big final Gruffalo snack in the Woodland garden by the Gruffalo sculpture which included everything from purple prickle juice to black tongues (liquorice) and orange eyes (apricots) and so much more on the menu!  The children have embraced the story, re-enacting the different roles in their play, retelling the story using phrases, and we even grew our own deep dark wood in the classroom as part of their role play area! Caroline has led some cooking demonstrations to the whole class, including making Gruffalo Crumble, which the children tasted, and all gave their opinions on!

More recently we have celebrated Chinese New Year with a Dragon Dance in the Nursery Garden, a Chinese snack, Chinese takeaway role play in the garden, sensory play, and green tea in the water tray!

The weather has been a great source of fun, excitement and learning too this half term.  Thank you to everyone who sends in the spare changes of clothes, as this has meant the children have been able to fully embrace the experiences of going out in all weathers, heavy rain, snow and ice mainly this half term.  They have done everything from puddle painting, to snow ball fights, Great fun had by both children and staff!

We are really enjoying watching the children choose their library books, and at the end of the day before they take their books home, the children are giving mini-book reviews to each other on the stories they have read, which appears to really bring excitement about the books they are taking home.

Next half term we are looking at the Core Story ‘Chicken Licken’ which will lead us on to Easter themes by the end of the half term, as well as focusing on other areas such as Mothers Day, Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day- so many more exciting opportunities for the children to learn from.


December 2020

We have had a busy half term already, looking at several different events from continuing the Autumn theme with a Pumpkin patch in the garden, to looking at Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) with the children, which included looking at a short CBeebies video, and creating our own display of Poppies on the wall in the garden. We have celebrated Bonfire night, by eating hot dogs around a pretend bonfire, and watching fireworks on the large screen, the children had a go at a variety of painting techniques to represent fireworks, from using a vegetable spinner on a small scale, to large scale splatter painting. The children used their feet to pop some bubble wrap, making the sounds of fireworks in the sky. We all sung our Bonfire songs, and used different instruments to represent the different firework sounds in the song. We have celebrated Children in Need, the children participated in a ramble through the outdoor areas of the nursery, and made lots of spotty pictures including using finger paints.

Over the coming weeks in the Buzzy Bees our Core Story is going to be the Gingerbread Man. We will read the story regularly so that the children become really familiar with the text, looking at different ways of telling the story, using props, watching a short animation and looking at different versions of the story. We will do many different activities linked with this story, including art and creative activities, our playdough will smell and look like Gingerbread so the children can create their own Gingerbread man, they will have opportunities to retell the story themselves, using a story board, small world props, or even dressing up props to re-create the story with their friends.

The Gingerbread man will lead us nicely into Christmas, where we will have lots of activities linked to this, such as making their own Christmas decorations, wrapping ‘presents’ creating their own Christmas cards, and of course singing a wide range of Christmas songs- which we will send a booklet home for you to join in with at home! We will read Stories of the Nativity, and many other stories related to Christmas too.

Another exciting and busy half term which we are all enjoying already.


October 2020
The children have returned back to nursery really well. They have soon settled in and are getting used to new routines throughout the day. The children are beginning to develop friendships, playing alongside or with their peers, involved in the same interests and activities.

We are focusing at the moment on the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children have made various owl crafts and pictures, begun to draw the different characters, and retell the story independently using props. The story has led us on to talk and explore the differences between day and night, we’ve been discussing the term ‘nocturnal’ and what this means. It has also led us to look at size, feathers, birds, nests and most importantly at this time of year the story reinforces that the Mother owl comes back to the owl babies. Which we hope supports those that are still a little worried when left at nursery, that a loved one will return to pick them up.

Alongside our core story we are looking at the changes in the environment. Autumn is a great time of year for this, the children are noticing the changing colours of leaves, and the falling of leaves and seeds from the trees. We will begin to talk about hibernation, looking at the different animals that do this. 


September 2020


Please see the video below which shows how the classroom will look when you return to/start at Caverstede. There are changes in place due to COVID-19 and information will have been sent to you through the ParentMail facility. Please take the time to read through this to ensure we all stay safe while at school. Thank you.

Spring Term 2 - 2020

This term will see us explore different celebrations such as Mother’s Day, World book Day, Easter and Pancake day, we have also had a visit from a real author, Ellie Sandall, which was an amazing day!

This term we are looking at the story Chicken Licken. We have several copies of this in the classroom, with different endings, and different characters. This will help promote looking at how stories end, and provide the children opportunities to make their own ending to this story. We have dressing up clothes and other props to help the children re-enact the story. The children will have opportunities to explore the story and in the small world play too. Alongside Chicken Licken we shall also be reading other stories such as Rosie walk, and Little Red Hen. These stories will link well with spring, learning all about the different animals. 

Our Woodland day continues on a Thursday until Easter, but will change after Easter– so keep an eye out for the change of day.


Spring Term 1 - 2020

This half term our core story is ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’, by Judith Kerr. We will be exploring this story through a range of activities. We have already enjoyed a range of activities, including a turning out home corner into Sophie’s house, making stripy weaving patterns, creating tiger food, and making clay tiger faces in the Woodland.  We have been  looking closely at where tigers live, using our books all about tigers.  We plan to have a tea party with the children before the end of half term, where the children will make their own food for it! We are also starting to explore further into other animals and will make links with other subjects we are covering such as Chinese New Year.  For Chinese New Year we will look at the story of the 12 different animals, taste foods influenced by China, look at and have a chance to dress up in traditional clothing, and creating our own Dragon ready for the Dragon Dance on the 29th January!

Autumn 2019

The children have settled into the nursery routine well and are enjoying getting to know their classroom. teacher, key people and friends.

We have enjoyed a visit to Paston Church to celebrate Harvest and have taken part in the activities Reverend Mark provides. We also had lots of parents/carers join us and we hope that you also enjoyed the activities! Thank you for joining us. It is a great help to have so many parents/carers help us to walk to the church.

Woodland days have now started and we have a new pupil, Ivy, on display in the reception who is well wrapped up for enjoying being outside in all weather! 

The story we are focussing is ‘Shark in the Park’. 

Please remember to check your child’s pigeonholes daily as this is where we put information we need to send out. Whiteboards are also displayed outside each classroom and updated with information on things that are going on within the nursery. We also use ParentMail and Facebook to keep you informed of what’s happening and also have a ‘News’ page on our website -