Buzzy Bees

Please take a look at the video below which gives information on your new BB Bubble ready for returning to nursery. This includes important details on how to enter the school and your classroom with reminders for distance to be maintained at all times. Thank you

Welcome to the Buzzy Bee class! The class is made up of mainly 3 and 4 year olds, with some older 2 year olds. Our classroom is the first you come across from the entrance into the nursery garden.  One side of the classroom is full of windows with a perfect view of the nursery garden for the children to look out upon as they play in the classroom. In the Buzzy Bee room we have a cookery area, equipped with child sized resources and outfits.

The position of our classroom means we have the furthest to walk to our Woodland Garden for woodland days – this makes the journey across the main nursery garden feel more like an adventure for the day! Although we might be the furthest from the Woodland Garden we are the closest library, this makes it easy for spontaneous quiet story times.

In the Buzzy Bees we have a window through into the Caverstede room, which gives the children opportunity to look into the variety of groups that happen through family services.

As with all the classrooms we have divided up the areas using shelving, so children have direct and easy access to the resources available to support their independent play.   We tend to have many resources that stay the same, so that children can return to their activities over a period of time and revisit their favourite activities. However, we also add resources that may be of interest to the children, such as wedding outfits, or hairdressing equipment in the home corner.

All children have their own pigeon hole and a designated coat peg. Upon arrival we encourage children to find their peg and put all their belongings away. The pigeon holes can be checked by parents at the beginning or end of a session, for letters or leaflets.

Information for parents can be found in a variety of places including the parents notice board inside the classroom, letters and leaflets in their child’s pigeon hole, and on the whiteboard outside of the classroom door.

Who is in the Buzzybee Team?
Katy - Class Teacher
Caroline - Classroom Deputy / Classroom Senco
Bill - Teaching Assistant
Karen - Early Years Assistant
Ali - Early Years Assistant
Julie M - Early Years Assistant
Julie P - Outdoor Practitioner

Spring Term 2 - 2020

This term will see us explore different celebrations such as Mother’s Day, World book Day, Easter and Pancake day, we have also had a visit from a real author, Ellie Sandall, which was an amazing day!

This term we are looking at the story Chicken Licken. We have several copies of this in the classroom, with different endings, and different characters. This will help promote looking at how stories end, and provide the children opportunities to make their own ending to this story. We have dressing up clothes and other props to help the children re-enact the story. The children will have opportunities to explore the story and in the small world play too. Alongside Chicken Licken we shall also be reading other stories such as Rosie walk, and Little Red Hen. These stories will link well with spring, learning all about the different animals. 

Our Woodland day continues on a Thursday until Easter, but will change after Easter– so keep an eye out for the change of day.


Spring Term 1 - 2020

This half term our core story is ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’, by Judith Kerr. We will be exploring this story through a range of activities. We have already enjoyed a range of activities, including a turning out home corner into Sophie’s house, making stripy weaving patterns, creating tiger food, and making clay tiger faces in the Woodland.  We have been  looking closely at where tigers live, using our books all about tigers.  We plan to have a tea party with the children before the end of half term, where the children will make their own food for it! We are also starting to explore further into other animals and will make links with other subjects we are covering such as Chinese New Year.  For Chinese New Year we will look at the story of the 12 different animals, taste foods influenced by China, look at and have a chance to dress up in traditional clothing, and creating our own Dragon ready for the Dragon Dance on the 29th January!

Autumn 2019

The children have settled into the nursery routine well and are enjoying getting to know their classroom. teacher, key people and friends.

We have enjoyed a visit to Paston Church to celebrate Harvest and have taken part in the activities Reverend Mark provides. We also had lots of parents/carers join us and we hope that you also enjoyed the activities! Thank you for joining us. It is a great help to have so many parents/carers help us to walk to the church.

Woodland days have now started and we have a new pupil, Ivy, on display in the reception who is well wrapped up for enjoying being outside in all weather! 

The story we are focussing is ‘Shark in the Park’. 

Please remember to check your child’s pigeonholes daily as this is where we put information we need to send out. Whiteboards are also displayed outside each classroom and updated with information on things that are going on within the nursery. We also use ParentMail and Facebook to keep you informed of what’s happening and also have a ‘News’ page on our website -