Welcome to Butterfly class!  We have mainly 3 and 4 year olds in this class, but we also have some older 2 year olds as well. Our classroom is quite different to the other two rooms as we have a conservatory attached which gives us views of our woodland garden. The conservatory houses our art studio and it gives children the space and resources to create all different styles of artwork. In Butterfly class we also have a cookery area, equipped with child sized equipment and outfits which was set up using a National Lottery grant.

As with all the classrooms, we have divided up the areas using shelving, so children have direct and easy access to the resources available to support their independent play.  We tend to have many resources that stay the same, so that children can return to their activities over a period of days, and revisit their favourite activities.  However, we also add resources that may be of interest to the children, such as fairy-tale outfits in the home corner.

All children have their own coat peg and pigeon holes. Upon arrival in the morning or afternoon, we encourage children to find their peg and put all their belongings away. The pigeon holes can be checked by parents at the beginning or end of a session, for letters or leaflets.
Who is in the Butterfly Team?
James - Class Teacher
Nicole - Classroom Deputy / Classroom Senco
Esther - Early Years Assistant
Gemma - Early Years Assistant
Wendy - Centre Support Worker