September 2020
Please see the video below which shows how the classroom will look when you return to/start at Caverstede. There are changes in place due to COVID-19 and information will have been sent to you through the ParentMail facility. Please take the time to read through this to ensure we all stay safe while at school. Thank you.

Welcome to Butterfly class!  We have mainly 3 and 4 year olds in this class, but we also have some older 2 year olds as well. Our classroom is quite different to the other two rooms as we have a conservatory attached which gives us views of our woodland garden. The conservatory houses our art studio and it gives children the space and resources to create all different styles of artwork. In Butterfly class we also have a cookery area, equipped with child sized equipment and outfits which was set up using a National Lottery grant.

As with all the classrooms, we have divided up the areas using shelving, so children have direct and easy access to the resources available to support their independent play.  We tend to have many resources that stay the same, so that children can return to their activities over a period of days, and revisit their favourite activities.  However, we also add resources that may be of interest to the children, such as fairy-tale outfits in the home corner.

All children have their own coat peg and pigeon holes. Upon arrival in the morning or afternoon, we encourage children to find their peg and put all their belongings away. The pigeon holes can be checked by parents at the beginning or end of a session, for letters or leaflets.
Who is in the Butterfly Team?
Emily - Class Teacher
Nicole - Classroom Deputy / Classroom Senco
Sally - Early Years Assistant (Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri)
Kira - Centre Support Worker 
Wendy - Centre Support Worker

Spring term 2 - 2020

This term will see us explore different celebrations such as Mother’s Day, World book Day, Easter and Pancake day, we have also had a visit from a real author, Ellie Sandall, which was an amazing day!

Our key story this term is not one but several reads, these are the works of Nick Sharratt and his amazing line of Shark in the Park story books, this also includes Shark in the Dark and Shark in the Park on a windy Day. We will learn about sharks and explore their underwater world to see what we can discover about these amazing creatures. We will bring these ideas to our role play and small work and will be searching for sharks outside. Inspired from the stories we will also explore telescopes mainly to see what we can find around us when focused on one area.

We have lots planned for our time in the Woodland Garden too with shape and shark hunting and also trying more activities around the fire circle, which the children really appear to enjoy. This term will see us explore different celebrations such as Mother’s Day, World book Day and Pancake day, we have also had a visit from a real author Ellie Sandall which was an amazing day!

We continue to develop our skills around number, reading, storytelling and mark making as well as the other areas of the EYFS. We will also explore the works of Andy Goldsworthy who creates artwork using natural materials such as leaves, sticks and stones and see how this can influence our creatives sides.

Spring term 1 - 2020

This term our core story is the Three Billy Goats Gruff, we have a variety of different adaptations of the tale that offer a selection of details and endings, which we use to build on our role play like building a bridge in our reading area to see how the troll lives and small world play where we retell the struggles of the characters. Using inspiration from the story we have begun to learn about goats, places we call home and share what we think about trolls. We continue to explore outside during our woodland days that take place on a Friday now and recently we found a friendly troll who has moved into the classroom! We plan to investigate further for any more and plan to plant some cress that we could also use at snack time.

We have made some changes to our role play and have a Chinese theme present as we explore Chinese culture and look forward to celebrating Chinese New Year, this includes making a large dragon to use in our dragon dance performance. We will also be sampling some different foods from China and some of the traditional music as we dive into the culture.

We continue to build our number sense, storytelling and creative sides using paints, pens and pencils and will be looking at the art style of Georges Seurat who creates amazing pieces using dots in his Pointillism art work of the world around him

Autumn 2019

The children have settled into the nursery routine well and are enjoying getting to know their classroom, teacher, key people and friends.

We have enjoyed a visit to Paston Church to celebrate Harvest and have taken part in the activities Reverend Mark provides. We also had lots of parents/carers join us and we hope that you also enjoyed the activities! Thank you for joining us. It is a great help to have so many parents/carers help us to walk to the church.

Woodland days have now started and we have a new pupil, Ivy, on display in the reception who is well wrapped up for enjoying being outside in all weather! 

Our core story for this term is Owl Babies. 

Please remember to check your child’s pigeonholes daily as this is where we put information we need to send out. Whiteboards are also displayed outside each classroom and updated with information on things that are going on within the nursery. We also use ParentMail and Facebook to keep you informed of what’s happening and also have a ‘News’ page on our website - www.caverstede.peterborough.sch.uk.