Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Caverstede Nursery School

Welcome to Caverstede Nursery School

Welcome to Caverstede Nursery School

On behalf of the children, staff and Governors I would like to welcome you to our website. We do hope that you find all the information you need.

We are the only Local Authority Maintained Nursery School in Peterborough, as such we have a Head teacher and teachers who lead each of our classes. We take children from 2 to 4 years of age.  

Set within our Nursery and Woodland Gardens, the Nursery School consists of three classrooms which are designed to offer an environment where children are safe, inspired and happy. We are dedicated to working alongside parents to provide for the care and development of the children in our school.

Debbie Hayes - Head Teacher

Comments taken from our Ofsted Report 2024

'Children are happy at Caverstede Nursery School. They love to learn and respond enthusiastically to the learning experiences on offer. It is a nurturing place where children develop their curiosity through well-chosen activities. They learn what they need to make successful steps into school'.

'Children enjoy playing and learning in the well-equipped classrooms and outdoor area'.

'Children feel safe at school and have strong relationships with staff'.

'The school has designed a curriculum that is bespoke to the children it serves. The curriculum is ambitious and ensures that children develop across all areas of learning. Children build on important learning experiences that help them to be 'school-ready' very effectively'.

'The love of books is at the heart of the curriculum'. Staff are very well trained in communication and interaction'. 

'Staff know the children incredibly well. Staff foster deep and meaningful relationships with children and their families as a result.'

'Staff and governors are proud of their school. Leaders ensure that there are continuous improvements to the teaching of the curriculum'.