Woodland Days

Each of our classes has a dedicated day a week which they spend in our Woodland Garden. We access the outdoors in all weathers - so the children get to experience various temperatures and conditions - whilst they take part in a wide range and whole host of different and exciting outdoor learning experiences.

During our Woodland Days, the children have opportunities to develop forest skills, which may include becoming closely connected with the environment, building fires, whittling wood, den building and learning about the various plants and wildlife within the Woodland Garden. The children also become involved in gardening and taking care of the garden. The children plant a variety of vegetables throughout the year and will have opportunity to harvest and eat what they have grown.

We look closely at the animals and insects that visit the Woodland Garden, particularly the birds, as they are easily seen and watched from our bird hide. With the addition of the tadpole pond - which the children helped to create, we hope to have lots of frogs coming back into the garden this year.

Woodland Days have been really successful. They support childrens' physical development, awareness of the environment and their ability to have care and concern for living things and the world around them.

These are the days that each class currently have their woodland day - so please remember to send your child to nursery with suitable clothing (and a change of clothing too as it can get messy!)

Woodland Days

Ladybirds - Wednesday

Butterflies - Tuesday

Buzzy Bees - Thursday