What is a Peterborough Hub?

Peterborough Specialist Hubs

To keep improving the expertise available to our children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in all education settings in the Peterborough area, the Local Authority has established a growing network of specialist hubs.

The purpose of the hubs is to help raise the quality of support for all children with SEND in all schools in the Peterborough area. Each hub is a commissioned service arising from a partnership between the City Council and the host school / academy, with senior staff from each organisation working together. 

Each hub has a designated type of SEND, eg Autism or Physical Disability.  A centre of expertise might support a local school by:

  • Offering specialist resources and training;
  • Modelling high quality support in mainstream classrooms;
  • Providing telephone helpline and/or drop in sessions.