Resource Lending Library Launch

We are launching our SEND Resource Library on Tuesday 6th November.
This will be an opportunity for practitioners within Peterborough - in PVI settings, nursery and reception classes in schools to view the items we have available for them to borrow and use.
There are specific times that you can come along to have a look at the resources and find out more. These are;
10 - 11.30am
2 - 3pm
4 - 5pm
5.30 - 6.45pm
We have resources including;
  • SEND resources and equipment which will help you to develop and support children in your care.
  • Books for children which cover various conditions and topics - such as autism, speech and hearing impairments.
  • Training books for adults, covering a vast range of educational subjects to help you develop your own practice.
Practitioners will be able to access the resource library after their setting manager / Headteacher has completed our service agreement which details the terms of lending. This document can be found on the attached file.
You can come along at any of times listed above. If you would like any more information, please contact Caverstede Nursery School on 01733 571742 or e-mail