School Improvement Plan 2019-20

Targets for Improvement 2019 - 2020

 Priority 1: Quality of Education

Key Objective 1: To improve the learning outcomes for children as defined by our analysis of assessment data

Key Objective 2: Phonics and Pre Reading

Key Objective 3: Closing the word gap

Key Objective 4: Schools use of assessment

 Priority 2:  Behaviour and Attitudes

Key Objective 1: Become an attachment aware school

 Priority 3: Personal Development

Key Objective 1: To review the schools use of Cultural capital

 Priority 4: Leadership and Management

Key Objective 1: Financial resilience of the school

Key Objective 2: To support new and recent additions to the school team

Key Objective 3: Review use of EYPP and outcomes for children

Key Objective 4: Special Educational Needs

Key Objective 5: To ensure staff and Governing Board have an understanding of the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF)

 Priority 5: Training Base

Key Objective 1: To maintain our training provision