Home Work! How to help your child at home

As parents when we think of 'homework' we probably think of the work we were asked to do at secondary school.
When thinking about Nursery age children this is not what we mean, homework for young children involves finding out, exploring, investigating and problem solving.
There are many fun and educational activities children can do at home with their parents for example:
  • singing nursery rhymes
  • sharing books together
  • puzzles
  • building with blocks / boxes / cars / dolls
  • playing in the garden / park
  • playing house or kitchen
  • baking cakes
All these activities are beneficial to your child as they help to develop skills, knowledge and understanding for example, gross and fine motor skills and vocabulary. Most of all they involve having fun with your child.
Within this section of our website we will be offering ideas to help you support your child at home in a range of ways.