Why is attendance important?

12th September 2018

Attending school every day is very important. Even a short time of absence from school can mean that a child misses out on a significant part of the curriculum, which can impact on their learning. Ofsted always ask for the school’s attendance data. We monitor each child’s attendance and absence record and you will receive copies of this information. We will also publish weekly attendance figures by class on our website so keep a look out to see how we are doing!

Punctuality is also important and arriving on time allows your child to benefit fully from their nursery experience and sets good habits for the future.

Where possible, please arrange all appointments, family holidays and events during the school holiday times. In exceptional circumstances where time away from the Nursery needs to be taken in term time, please complete a holiday form which you can get from reception and hand to your child’s key person.

If your child is ill and will not be attending school please telephone the school on the day of absence to inform us.

Thank you.