Using visuals to support Communication & Learning

For nursery/reception class staff in schools.
Tuesday 12th and 26th March 2019
3.45 - 4.45pm
Speech & Language therapist's talk a lot about visuals but what exactly is meant when this is recommended and how can these be implemented. 
This training is aimed at SENCo's, Teachers and TA's who wish to know more about 'how', 'when' and 'which' visuals to use to support communication and learning in school. Visuals play a fundamental role when supporting children with SLCN (speech, language and communication needs) as well as children with EAL. You may also find many of the strategies beneficial for children with no additional needs.
The training spans two 1 hour sessions, including information on how we use ourselves as a visual, all the way through to visual timetables and choice boards.
Attendees are expected to attend both sessions, with the opportunity to trial new strategies and share things that have gone well or problem solve situations that have arisen in the classroom.
This training will be led by members of the Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy team.