Training Delivery 2016 - 2017

Training Delivery on behalf of the Local Authority (LA)  2016 - 2017
We are delivering training for Peterborough LA as follows:
How to Set Effective Targets
Wednesday  2nd November 2016
Wednesday 30th November 2016
Wednesday 1st February 2017
Wednesday 16th November 2016
Wednesday 22nd March 2017
If you are a Private, Voluntary or Independant (PVI) setting within Peterborough and would like to book onto one of these courses please contact Sally Goodwin at the Local Authority.
A selection of comments from the course evaluations:
'Friendly, informal, informative.'

I really enjoyed the entire day. It was useful, informative and fun! Thank you.’

‘I think the whole day was full of useful information and excitement because we got to see the setting and getting loads of new ideas as well to take with it’

‘The whole course was fantastic – a great refresher and brilliant to see how some things are practically put into place’

‘The enthusiasm of the staff and their ability to treat children with SEN as ‘children first’ and see the needs ‘second’

‘I felt it all went really well. Information was passed on really well. I enjoyed having a look around and getting new ideas. I have learnt a lot from all of it and will try to put it into practice.