School Improvement Plan 2022 - 2023

Targets for Improvement 2022 - 2023

Priority 1: Quality of Education

Key Objective 1: To document our curriculum (link with Priority 3, Key Objective 1)

Key Objective 2: To devise and trial an assessment recording system

Key Objective 3: To encourage parental involvement in their child's learning

Priority 2:  Behaviour and Attitudes

Key Objective 1: Attachment Aware Champion School project (Role of the Key Person)

Priority 3: Personal Development

Key Objective 1: To ensure all pupils are offered a wide, rich set of experiences (link to Priority 1, Key Objective 1)

Priority 4: Leadership and Management

Key Objective 1:Prepare for the school's Section 5 Ofsted Inspection

Key Objective 2: To support returning, new and recent additions to the school team

Key Objective 3: To prepare the Governing Board for the school's Section 5 Inspection

Key Objective 4: Making a difference for the disadvantaged pupils in Peterborough EEF project

Key Objective 5: Special Educational Needs

Key Objective 6: Financial resilience of the school