Register Pecuniary Interests 2022 - 2023

Register of Governors Pecuniary Interests
2022 - 2023
Statutory guidance for Governing Bodies of maintained schools require governing bodies to publish on their website their register of interests.
Name  Type of Governor  Name & nature of business interest  Date when interest began  Other Educational establishment governed  Realtionship with school staff, including spouses, partners and relatives   date of declaration
Debbie Hayes Head Teacher  Headteacher 01/01/2014  none  none  22/09/2022
Katherine Pope Associate Member  None  n/a  none  none  27/09/2022
Katy Coles  co-opted  None  n/a   none Staff member at Caverstede  26/09/2022
Helen Hobbs Associate Member  None  n/a  none
Member of staff at Caverstede
Ian McMullon LEA Governor   None  n/a  none Daughter member of staff at Caverstede  21/09/2022
Pam Setterfield co-opted Commissioner for Child Health in Local Authority 16/03/2015  none  none  27/09/2022
Hannah Benn co-opted  n/a  n/a  Werrington Primary School  none   26/09/2022
Zoe Scales co-opted          28/09/2022
Nicola Lord co-opted  n/a  n/a  none  none  21/09/2022
Viktoria Coubrough Parent  n/a  n/a  none  none  21/09/2022
Hannah Haigh Staff  n/a  n/a none  Member of staff at Caverstede  22/09/2022
Victoria Judge Associate  n/a  n/a  none  Member of staff at Caverstede  27/09/2022
Andi Epton-Smith Parent  n/a  n/a  none  none  19/09/2022
Hannah Gillings Parent n/a  n/a Werrington Primary School  none  03/10/2022