New parking officers!

11th September 2019
You may have noticed that we have some new 'parking helpers' outside the nursery!
We have been provided with a set of signs to help with the parking problems that can arise outside school during busy times.
It is important to us to encourage parents and carers to park along Caverstede Road safely to avoid endangering children and also with consideration for our neighbours.
The signs have been provided by the local councillor who is keen to support local schools with the parking problems that can arise.
We have 2 signs outside the nursery, alongside the disabled parking bay. Please keep this free for drivers with disabled parking badges who need to access the school. The road directly opposite the school should also be kept clear and the parking signs indicate that this is between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday - Friday. There are also single yellow lines along the road indicating these restrictions.
We do occasionally see Traffic Enforcement officers along Caverstede Road and they will continue to make intermittent checks throughout the school year to ensure parking safety. Please consider this when you are parking to avoid any parking fines that may be given.
We hope that you will help us to keep Caverstede Road safe for all - children, families and residents. Thank you for your help.