Links with Cambridge University

Caverstede Early Years Centre has had a long association with Cambridge University.
Each year we go over to Homerton to deliver a lecture to the students on the Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) course.
They then come over to see Caverstede 'in action'.

 Comments from the students following their visits:

‘The creativity and passion you all approach the Early Years with, I feel really privileged to have seen your centre and met you all. Thank you.’

Absolutely amazing, inspirational, loved every moment! Seeing the fully rounded picture of how each child was catered for. Watching the children explore their learning environment with enthusiastic educators.’

‘The amount of choice and variety there is for the children. The continuous provision is fantastic and the way everything, even complex tasks are made available to the children when they want them.’

‘Calm and peaceful nature of all areas.’

‘The amount of independence you give the children, especially when using tools.’

‘The creativity and energy that I saw. I love the idea of a neutral learning environment and also of placing great importance on the outdoor area for learning.’