Library Explorers has started!

12th November 2018

Each year we offer our ‘Library Explorers’ scheme to help encourage more children to borrow books to enjoy at home from our library.

Within Peterborough, there is a new initiative called ‘A Vision for Reading’ which aims to ensure that all children in the city can read well and enjoy it.

We want to help with this initiative and we hope that ‘Library Explorers’ will encourage more of our children to enjoy books. Children are given a reward card which should be stamped at least once each week that they borrow a book during the period - usually between 5 - 7 weeks.

Each time we have a different Library Explorers card. We are currently collecting stamps around a Peppa Pig map!

At the end of the time, they hand in their completed card and receive their very own brand new book to keep!

This scheme runs once each term and started after the October half term holiday and this time is running for 5 weeks. Cards are available from reception. Books can be chosen from the library, you then take it to the desk where it is scanned out to your child - this is with a barcode scanner and the children enjoy doing this themselves! We have lots of books to choose from in the library and aim to rotate them regularly to give lots of variety. We do ask that you use a suitable bag, book bag etc. to take the books home in as this will keep them in good condition. We have book bags available and these cost £4 each.

We hope that you will enjoy being a ‘Library Explorer!’