Library Explorers

1st March 2021
Library Explorers starts this week! It will run for 4 weeks and children will receive their very own new book to keep and enjoy after the Easter holiday.
Library Explorers is an incentive scheme to help encourage a love of reading and children to borrow books who may not have previously done so. This runs once each term.
For each week a book is borrowed, a child will receive a 'token' and at the end of the Library Explorer period, they will be able to receive a new book. Before COVID, children would be able to access our extensive library and get their reward card stamped for each week that they borrowed a book. Books can still be borrowed but in a different way. A selection is available outside each classroom and children can choose from these - so all books stay within the classroom bubble and are kept separate for a few days before being available to be borrowed again.
A chart will be completed within each classroom by the children adding their name to this in the corresponding week. 
Library Explorers will then run again in the first half of the summer term so there will be another chance then too!