Library Explorers

2nd November 2020
We will be starting our Library Explorer scheme this week. If you've not yet borrowed any books, why not have a look and see what there is for you to enjoy? Details and wallets have been given to all children in the classes which explains how the library is currently running and how they can choose their book. Children have started to borrow books again which is lovely to see and we hope that you are all enjoying them at home.
Library Explorers is a scheme to help encourage reading. It runs for between 5 and 7 weeks once a term. Due to the changes with how books can be borrowed now, the Library Explorer scheme will also run differently.
Children can add their name weekly to the chart that each classroom will have, when they borrow a book. They can borrow a book more than once a week but a book needs to be returned before another can be borrowed. They can find their name on a sticker and then add it to the chart - and also receive a super reader sticker! They can see how the chart fills up over the weeks and how many times they have borrowed a book too. 
At the end of the scheme - this term it will run over 5 weeks, children will receive a brand new book that they can keep and enjoy at home. We run the scheme once each term so this will also be in the Spring and Summer terms too. If you would like to know more about this or how the library works, please ask your child's key person or class teacher.