Enabled Shopping at Queensgate Shopping Centre

14th November 2018
Special event to make shopping easier for people with disabilities, including narcolepsy.

The Enabled Event at Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough is on December 7th, 4-8pm.

This is for people who have a disability, including PWN, and find shopping difficult due to various reasons. Also for their carers to get respite if needed as there will be staff that can take people around the centre.

The details of what will be offered on the day are below:

  • Providing volunteers for assistance
  • Providing a meet and greet area
  • Reducing lighting levels
  • Visual/pictorial mall guides
  • Turn off music
  • Turn off tannoy
  • Provide an information/charity area
  • Provide a Sensory room/ Relaxation room
  • Provide a dog station
  • Gift bag
  • Shopmobility equipment
  • Live music (pianist in one area only)

Visit www.narcolepsy.org.uk for more information