Easy Peasy

8th March 2019

Help your child develop the skills they will need for school, and beyond!

In the early years, children learn through playing and interacting with the people and environments around them. The more opportunities they have to communicate, interact, and experiment, the more they will thrive and develop important skills from speaking and listening, focusing attention and managing emotions, to building determination and confidence.

Your 20 weeks of play will start when you receive your first free text message from EasyPeasy.
Please remember that if you do not want to receive these texts, you need to notify us to opt out.

Receive a text message with a link No need to download anything on your phone; It’s EasyPeasy!

Learn how to play Watch the video and read the rules of the game on your mobile phone.

Get a new game every Saturday Play, practise and improve throughout the week!

Share your experience with us Write a comment to let us know how it went!