E Warriors

Internet Safety Day this year is on Tuesday 11th February.
We will be supporting this by promoting Internet Safety within the nursery sessions over the whole of next week.
We will also be providing parents with information to help them reinforce internet safety at home.
Keep a look out for notices, information and links that we will be sending out during the week. We will use ParentMail and will also be adding details to the website and out Facebook page. Information will also be on display on the screen in reception.
Please also speak to your child's class teacher or key person to find out what is happening in the classrooms each day.
Useful links;
Safer Internet Day
For Safer Internet day, the children made junk modelling technology. They enjoyed making phones and tablets and talking about what they used at home.
We also talked about staying safe when using technology.
February 2018

E Warriors

Staying safe in a digital world


Here at Caverstede we make E Safety a priority with our children. We teach them how to stay safe online, who to ask if they want help or advice and how to be a good friend. Teaching E Safety begins the moment your child accesses technology, whether it’s using their tablet to access games, watching you use your phone or using the TV remote. We aim to teach our children to become skilled and safe with a variety of technology. E Warriors is our program of activities to teach E Safety to children. Watch out for the stickers and ask your child how they’ve been an E Warrior at nursery.


Safer Internet Day – 6th February 2018

We shall be celebrating Safer internet Day by launching our new E Warriors initiative. We shall do this through books and activities shared in class throughout the week. There shall also be a parent information stand just off reception on Tuesday 6th February for handy hints, tips and ideas for keeping your child safe!

E Safety at Caverstede  (November 2016)

At Caverstede we teach the children E-Safety skills for life through the use of E Cadet activities. These challenge pupils to think about staying safe online and how to use technology responsibly. The children learn how to use technology such as iPads, cameras and video cameras through adult guided sessions which culminate in a final presentation which we upload to the E Cadet platform for assessment. These assessments then give us credits towards a national leader board.

Ofsted states that E Cadets is...

'An age appropriate e-safety curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils' interest; that is used to promote e-safety through teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others' safety. Positive rewards are used to cultivate positive and responsible use.'  Ofsted Guidance on eSafety, 2015.

We also teach E Safety and responsible use of technology through classroom role play and activities.

December 2016

Update...  We are currently ranked 14th in the Mini e Cadets league in the country and within Peterborough we are in first position - well done everyone!

Spring 2016

We celebrated Safer Internet day on Tuesday 9th February 2016 through activities in our classes. We also launched our new e-safety initiative ‘e-Cadets’, you may have noticed your child coming home with a sticker!

e-Cadets is an accreditation system that allows our school to complete challenges and tasks around e-safety. For each task we complete we receive points, and this is added to a league table of schools around the country.

Over time the children will learn lots of important things they should and should not do around the internet and using computers and we hope this will set them up for a safer future. Watch out for more stickers coming home!


At the end of Spring term 2016 Caverstede children were second in the country in the mini eCadet league table having completed a range of activities for e-Cadets - well done everyone.