Book Fair

12th March 2020
We are holding a book fair at Caverstede and this will be with use from Wednesday 18th - Wednesday 25th March.
Books will be available to view and buy at the start and end of the sessions. Payments can be made by cash or online payment via the Scholastic payment line (details will be on display at the book fair)
All books bought help us to be able to get new books for our school library which can be borrowed by all.
Why not take a look at the variety of books available.
We are also holding a prize draw giving you the chance to win a £5 voucher that can be spent at the book fair. All you need to do is complete your name and class on the tickets that are available in our library and then hand this to reception. We are holding the draw Thursday 19th March and have five £5 vouchers available to win so you could be one of the lucky 5!