School Meals

Our Lunch Club provides children with a range of healthy lunches, cooked by our cook and her team, that are nutritional and well balanced. We have provision for 60 children over two sittings to attend lunches.

Our Lunch Club menus follow the guidance of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (2006) School Food Standards which came into effect on 1st April 2001 and can be found in the document Healthy School Lunches for pupils in Nursery Schools/Units. We also take guidance from Eat Better Start Better and the Schools Food Trust

We are aware of the different dietary needs of some of our children for cultural reasons and allergies, and can provide suitable alternatives if required. For more information please talk to Reception.

We plan a balanced menu with an emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, utilising a good variety of these food groups.  For example: through the week our carbohydrates might include pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles, pastry and bread.

Our proteins might include beef, chicken, pork, turkey, white fish, oily fish, cheese, milk, eggs, Quorn and beans and pulses.

We like to include a good range of fruit and vegetables served in a variety of ways. We like to serve a vegetable side dish, as well as cooking with them. We serve a bowl of salad every day with lunch.

We like to have fruit for pudding several times a week, using cooked, raw or dried fruit. 

Foods which contain fats and sugar are not essential to health but add to our enjoyment of food so we do not ban these foods, preferring to use in moderation.

Children do need a little more fat in their diets than adults but we avoid saturated fats such as lard.

The body’s need for salt is very low so we do not add salt to any of our foods and avoid processed foods which may be high in salt.

We run a “Family-style” service. Our tables are round and seat up to seven children and at least one adult Lunch Club Assistant. The tables are set with tablecloths, china plates and child-sized cutlery. We have name cards for the children and they are encouraged to look for and recognise their own names. Food is served from serving dishes by the Lunch Club Assistant at the table, children are encouraged and taught to be as independent as possible.

We are eager for the children to try new foods, but we emphasise to the children that it is fine if they do not like it as long as they have tried. It can take up to ten tastes of a new food for your palate to recognise it.

Portion sizes are paramount in encouraging a child to eat. It is better to place a small amount on the plate and have the child eat it, than for them to be daunted by a plateful. When a child is new to Lunch Club, a teaspoon of an unfamiliar food is unthreatening enough to encourage them to try. More can be offered if this is eaten. Lots of praise is given to encourage good eating habits.

If you would like your child to eat at Lunch Club please discuss this with a member of staff at Reception.