Cantre Development Plan 2016-17

Targets for Development 2016 /17


Priority 1: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Key Objective 1: To improve the learning outcomes for children as defined by our analysis of assessment data.

Key Objective 2: To implement the 'I Can Early Talk Boost' Intervention to narrow the gap in children's language skills.

Key Objective 3: To implement the use of an online learning journal.


Priority 2: Outcomes of Pupils

Key Objective 1: Formalise moderation and pupil progress practices.

Key Objective 2: To ensure the appropriate delivery of the EYFS curriculum to meet the needs of the reception children.


Priority 3: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Key Objective 1: To increase rates of attendance to above 90%


Priority 4: Leadership and Management

Key Objective 1: To develop the skills of the Middle Management Team

Key Objective 2: To ensure children are challenged effectively and appropriately

Key Objective 3: To expand our current provision to engage parents across the Centre

Key Objective 4: Preparing for the implementation of the new 30 hours free funding entitlement

Key Objective 5: To ensure governor monitoring is regular and purposeful and that they are effective in their strategic role


Priority 5: SEN and Family Services

Key Objective 1: To evaluate our service provision


Priority 6: Training Base

Key Objective 1: To expand the influence of the school